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{@We are team keep the Ocean clean
Welcome to Dolphins, Whales and Marine life world

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4x6inch pic in 8x10inch mat. 1 for $25 3 for $60
4x6inch pic in 8x10inch mat. 1 for $25 3 for $60
3x7inch pic in 5x10 mat. 1 for $25 3 for $60

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PhotoGalleryZERO.com is produced by Photo Artist akima+ Tsurugi

Bring Ocean into your room. We provide amazing, extraordinary moments from the world that you have never seen before.
Deep blue Oceans, Bright white sand beaches, Island flowers, Beautiful animals who has pure eyes.
Nature Playing Wonderful Tricks on you.

Picture Prints start at $25. Go to Price list.

Giclee (pronounced Gee clay) canvas print is one of famous technique for museums and galleries, also one of the most unique and special type of printing methods applied on canvas using an ultra high resolution printer.
In fact, Giclee on canvas assures the most precise art productions and may last as long as 100 years or even more without any damage or blemish. Giclee prints on canvas of the best archival quality may last longer than any other prints.

* 100% archival cotton canvas

* Aqueous pigmented inks rated at 200 years. We don't use solvent inks for they emit harmful VOC (volatile organic compounds) into the air that may be harmful to your health.

* One coating surface which is somewhere between gloss and semi-gloss. It is the surface that offers the best saturation and contrast but without the drawbacks of high gloss. It is enhanced UV, water and abrasion resistant.

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"Global warming, oil spill, dead coral, whaling, hunting dolphin, seal slaughter. Some people take photo of those tragic scenes to show us for save the Earth.
Tell us what we did, what we do, what we are still doing or what we do not do.
I believe if we see those horrible pictures, we realize this planet is going to be destroyed by us. But I have chosen another way to you to think about this planet.

We have the Sun, the Sun gives us colour. colour bring us life, joy, smile and inspiring.
I want to you to realize what we have in this planet. I want to help you to find out what you see on the Earth. This is what we want to protect and save.
This is reason why you see only stunning nature photograph at

I want to you to find who we have in this planet.
We are sharing on this space with them"

Thank you.

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Kuloko Art in Outrigger Reef Hotel Wikiki
Glovel villege Kailua Oahu
Bali moon North Shore Oahu
Hilo hattie

Degital images are available to Media, Magagin, individual clients, web designers and advertising agencies
My whole purpuse of photograph is my pictures with the world so I will appreciate you choose my photograph.
If you have any questions FEEL FREE to Contact us.

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Humpback Whale 30 DEC 2012

Humpback Whale 30 DEC 2012

Sea turtle Pictures 8 SEP 2012

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+Underwater photographer specializing in images of sea life and marine mammal
+Photo artist
+Colour, Chromo and Hawaii Licensed Massage therapist
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